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Factors Affecting Children’s Academic Performance

As part of our efforts at improving academic achievement in this academic session, our Research Team (an internal learning – monitoring and research organ) has come out with the following findings:

A. Parents’ Factors Affecting Children’s Academic Performance:
i. Lack of provision of text-books and / or other relevant learning materials;
ii. Delay in payment of school fees, causing distraction for both the children and the school;
iii. Non-involvement in the child’s school work (homework, classwork, even results, etc);
iv. Talking lightly about the school and school-related affairs and personnel thereby be littling (making small) what school stands for (i.e learning)

B. Students’ Factors.
i. Laziness.
ii. Distractions.
iii. Lack of motivation for academic excellence.
iv. Poor requisite knowledge and learning skills (where applicable)
v. Failure to create time for personal reading.
vi. Bad peer influence (where applicable)

Parents should kindly address areas that personally affect them and encourage their child(ren) to work on areas where they are found wanting so as to do better in school this session.

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